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Fort Bend County under Tropical Storm Warning
***Tropical Storm Warning*** Fort Bend County has been placed in a Tropical Storm Warning. This means tropical storm conditions are expected within the county within the next 36 hours. Sustained winds of 39 to 73 mph are expected within the county. For more information:

Sugar Land emergency planners have increased the city’s readiness to Level 2 and activated its emergency operations center to prepare for Hurricane Laura. Sugar Land is a “pass-through” community; this means residents evacuating from coastal areas will be driving through Sugar Land. Local residents should avoid major evacuation routes such as U.S. Highway 59, State Highway 6, U.S. Highway 90A and U.S. Highway 99 as much as possible. While it may not be necessary, residents should plan to shelter in place for several days or more just in case by keeping gas tanks full and stocking up on emergency supplies.

City employees are ready to provide 24/7 response to ensure the continued delivery of essential city services. Weather experts project landfall somewhere between Galveston and Lafayette, Louisiana, early Thursday morning as at least a category 3 hurricane. Based on the current forecast track of a landfall at the Texas/Louisiana border, Sugar Land could expect 3-6 inches of rainfall. The Brazos River remains below flood stage, floodgates operated by Levee Improvement Districts are expected to remain open and storage capacity currently exists in ditches and lakes that hold water during heavy rainfall events. LIDs in Sugar Land are prepared to utilize their pumps if necessary.  Flooded streets, damaging winds and power outages are always possible during strong storms. Forecasters warn their confidence in the current track and intensity of the storm is average. Our area is within the cone of probability, and a westward shift remains possible. We should all pay very close attention to the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center, the authoritative sources of weather information.  Regardless of the storm’s track, Sugar Land can expect flooded streets, damaging winds and power outages during strong storms. Please help us keep storm drains clear, secure loose items around homes and avoid parking on streets.

The city has taken a number of measures to prepare. Damage assessment teams have been formed. Generators, chainsaw and pumps are ready.  City crews are checking storm drains and drainage infrastructure. Vehicles are being moved to high ground, additional fuel has been ordered and high-water vehicles are pre-positioned. Loose equipment has been secured and building prepped. Construction sites in the city have been directed to the do the same. Parks and recreational facilities are being prepared for storm conditions. The city is working with solid waste/recycling providers to pre-plan. The city’s debris removal contractor has been notified to be ready.

Prepare now by visiting for planning resources. Other helpful resources follow.
Sugar Land Emergency Alerts
Flood Risk Alerts
Real-time Traffic Website
Centerpoint Outage Tracker
National Weather Service
Levee Improvement Districts
Brazos River Forecast -- Richmond Gauge

Pool Update

Dear Covington Woods Owner/Resident:
The Board of Directors, in consultation with the Association manager, attorney, insurance provider, and other business partners has come to an agreement to reopen the pool for the remainder of the 2020 Pool Season.

The pool will be open the following weekends only and Monday Labor Day.
Saturday, August 22, 2020
Sunday, August 23, 2020
Saturday, August 29, 2020
Sunday, August 30, 2020
Saturday September 5, 2020
Sunday, September 6, 2020
Monday, September 7, 2020 (last day for the 2020 Pool Season)


Board of Directors
Covington Woods Community Association

Trash collection reminder: Monday and Thursday are trash days, recycling day is Monday, green waste day is Monday. Bulk waste day is on the first Monday of each month.  Do not leave bulky waste out other than once a month.  If you need assistance between then contact Republic Waste and they will provide the extra service for a fee.

Expected pool opening date, pool tag registration and pool use waiver forms.

The expected opening date for the pool is Saturday, June 13th. Please click here for the ​2020 Pool tag registration form and click here for the 2020 Pool use waiver form. Please click here for the 2020 Pool Schedule.

COVID-19 Update
Management Office: In order to maintain management responsibilities to our communities, office staff has been minimized with all other staff working remotely until authorized to return to the office. Protocols have been put into place in compliance with government guidelines as we are permitted to re-open.

Community Inspections: Community inspections are being conducted monthly, as per usual schedule.  If owners are experiencing difficulties related to the pandemic, a request for more time to cure the violation/concern can be submitted to the Board for review.

Suspension of Board Meetings: Until restrictions are amended to allow group gatherings, in-person board meetings have been suspended. Any necessary board meetings will be held by teleconference. Notice of any teleconference board meetings will be posted on the TownSq app.  The meeting notice will include information necessary for owners to participate in the teleconference meeting.

Suspension of Annual Meeting: Under the recommendations received by association attorneys, annual meetings should be suspended until the appropriate authorities deem it safe for people to meet in large groups again. It is not recommended to hold annual meetings via electronic or telephonic means, due to statutory requirements that specifically apply to non-profit corporations and POA's. Election procedures (solicitation of candidates, notice of meeting) will be followed once appropriate authorities have deemed it safe for people to meet in large groups again. 

Closure of Common Areas: The swimming pool, clubhouse and tennis court are open with capacity limitations and social distancing restrictions. The playground continues to remain closed at this time.

Suspension of Community Events: All community events have been suspended until further notice.


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