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2017 Pool Information

Please click here for the 2017 pool schedule. Please click here for the pool tag


See A Problem In The Community? Call It In Or Let The Board Know

If you see a problem in the community, please call it in or let the Board know. If you don't know

how to resolve it, chances are the Board does. If not, they'll find out how to get it addressed.

Recently, a Board member took and hour of his time to track down the complaint 

number for Windstream and file a complaint about a damaged utility box (see below).

It was an eyesore in the community and now it's much better. 

Drainage Project Updates

Click here for a public notice from the City of Sugar Land regarding the 

Covington Woods-Ivymount drainage improvement project and also

click here for information on the Bournewood drainage construction project.

Help Prevent Dog and Cat Overpopulation
Neuter or Spay your pet! Fort Bend County Health & Human Services is hosting the

Spay & Neuter SNAP Clinic on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. Click here for more details.

After calculating results from all judges,we returned to homes to distribute yard signs and a gift

of cocoa.  All homeowners were home except for 13923 Ivymount and I will try to get by there this week to congratulate personally. All winners were so excited and happy to receive the recognition and totally surprised, but grateful. We tried to spread out the awards in the subdivision and not give to last year's winners as we wanted to recognize others. It doesn't take long to drive around the subdivision, so please take a few minutes to enjoy beautiful decorations in the neighborhood.

Thermo Fisher Update

As you are aware, cleanup activities are underway in a City-owned ditch and other areas

near the Thermo Fisher Scientific facility at 1410 Gillingham Lane, in the Sugar Land Business

Park. Thermo Fisher is in the process of remediating a small amount of radioactive material

found in a north side City ditch and nearby areas. The activity is the result of an agreement

the City of Sugar Land City Council reached with Thermo Fisher in October to restore

city-owned property and any and all other impacted properties to their original condition.

Click here for more details.

Ground Water Storage Tank Construction

The City recently awarded a construction contract to rehabilitate ground water storage

tanks at the subject location (click here for a map for reference). The contractor is scheduled

to begin work next week.  The tanks will be rehabilitated one at a time, to ensure no disruption

to water service. There will be shrouding (a containment system) around the tanks during work,

to minimize any dust/over spray in the immediate vicinity. However, during working hours

(7 am to 6 pm) from Monday thru Saturday, there may be some noise in the immediate vicinity.
Contractor/staff will notify properties in the immediate vicinity, as necessary.

You Leave It...They Thieve It

Click here for tips on avoiding car burglary from the City of Sugar Land.

​​​Covington Woods-Ivymount Drainage Improvements Project-DR1601
There will be an upcoming informational meeting on September 12th of affected property owners

to show proposed drainage improvements along Ivymount Drive, sections of Hitherfield Drive

and Bay Tree Drive in Sugar Land, Texas. Click here for details. Click here for project details

provided by the City of Sugar Land. 

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Removing Mold From Your Home's Exterior: While there’s always the option of paying for someone to pressure-wash your home to remove mold, there is a fairly effective home remedy you can use to get rid of this problem. Mix the following household ingredients in a garden sprayer, which you can get for under $20, or find in your garage.  

1/3 cup powdered laundry detergent
2/3 powdered household cleaner
1 quart liquid laundry bleach
1 gallon of water

Double-check to ensure children and pets aren’t in the area, and wear some sort of safety mask. You may also want to cover your plants or other vegetation around the base of your home with drop cloths. These ingredients generally aren’t harsh to clean with, but can be dangerous if you are breathing, or ingesting the ingredients. Once you have the solution mixed, you will begin applying it to your siding. One gallon should cover a 10’ X 20’ area or a little further, depending on how liberal you are with it. Once you apply a good coat to your vinyl siding, let it stand for five to ten minutes. After this lapse in time, use your garden hose to rinse the siding off. If you don’t have a garden hose, thoroughly cleanse your garden sprayer and fill it with water to rinse the siding. Depending on the severity of mold, you may need to apply a second or third coat and repeat the steps already covered. Make mold old news and spruce up the exterior of your home!

community News and updates:

Welcome to the Covington Woods community, located in beautiful

Sugar Land, Texas. 

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