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We've Made Updates To The Pool!

The HOA has been hard at work getting the pool in great shape for next summer! Last year we focused on improving the deck to make it safe, shiny and secure for residents. This year we added a new bottom and skimmers. The pool has never had this work done and it was needed! Below are before and after pictures!

Sugar Mill Elementary PTA to hold Spring Fling

The Sugar Mill Elementary PTA will hold a Spring Fling on March 27, 2020 from 5-9pm.

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New Ft. Bend County Animal Services Ad Hoc Committee

Commissioner DeMerchant has announced on his Facebook page, the establishment of the Fort Bend County Animal Services Ad Hoc Committee to support our wonderful Fort Bend County Pets - Fort Bend County Animal Services team. More details at link below:

Block Party Trailer Program Launched in Sugar Land
Residents now have access to a trailer full of supplies to make hosting a neighborhood block party easy and enjoyable.  “The Sugar Cube,” a block party trailer intended to help foster neighborhood relationships, was created foster neighborhood relationships and as a result of a efforts to streamline the city’s special events offerings and avoid duplication of effort by leveraging existing event opportunities already occurring within neighborhoods. “The Sugar Cube provides a convenient way to bring people together where they live in hopes of finding similarities that will bring them closer together. Neighbors who connect with one another only strengthen our community,” said Community Engagement Manager Carrie Paxton-Lamke. Residents can reserve The Sugar Cube free of charge by completing an online form after their community group, homeowners’ or neighborhood association completes a short registration process with the City. “In our increasingly digital world, we often lack the opportunity to get to know our neighbors face-to-face,” said Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation Kimberly Terrell, “Our goal is that The Sugar Cube inspires our neighborhoods to come outside, meet one another and recreate a National Night Out-style block party any weekend of the year.”  To learn more about The Sugar Cube or to make a reservation, visit

Board meeting dates for 2020: 2nd Monday of every month
1/13, 2/10, 3/9, 4/13, 5/11, 6/8, 7/13, 8/10- Annual Meeting, 9/14, 10/12, 11/9, December- no meeting

​​Pool Tag Registration 

You can find the pool tag registration form on the website in the Documents section: (click here)

Do you know your City Council District?
Did you know that your City Council District may have changed? After the annexation of Greatwood and New Territory, some adjustments needed to made, which will be effective for the upcoming May 4th election! Learn more about the new districts from the Gnome:

What district are you in? Find out:

​​You Leave It...They Thieve It

Click here for tips on avoiding car burglary from the City of Sugar Land.

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Removing Mold From Your Home's Exterior: While there’s always the option of paying for someone to pressure-wash your home to remove mold, there is a fairly effective home remedy you can use to get rid of this problem. Mix the following household ingredients in a garden sprayer, which you can get for under $20, or find in your garage.  

1/3 cup powdered laundry detergent
2/3 powdered household cleaner
1 quart liquid laundry bleach
1 gallon of water

Double-check to ensure children and pets aren’t in the area, and wear some sort of safety mask. You may also want to cover your plants or other vegetation around the base of your home with drop cloths. These ingredients generally aren’t harsh to clean with, but can be dangerous if you are breathing, or ingesting the ingredients. Once you have the solution mixed, you will begin applying it to your siding. One gallon should cover a 10’ X 20’ area or a little further, depending on how liberal you are with it. Once you apply a good coat to your vinyl siding, let it stand for five to ten minutes. After this lapse in time, use your garden hose to rinse the siding off. If you don’t have a garden hose, thoroughly cleanse your garden sprayer and fill it with water to rinse the siding. Depending on the severity of mold, you may need to apply a second or third coat and repeat the steps already covered. Make mold old news and spruce up the exterior of your home!

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